Facial Treatment

Facial is essential skin treatment and is one of the best way to take  care of your skin. Our facial treatment cleanses the skin, exfoliates, hydrates your complexion and helps your skin look younger!

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Deep penetrating red and infared Light Threrapy is the most advanced non-invasive treatment system. It helps to diminish the apprerance of lines, wrinkles and visible signs of facial aging.

-Korean facial

Gold Therapy, Snow Therapy, Cherry Blossom Therapy and black therapy are the korean medical skincare treatment that can improve your skin texture. 

-Omnilux treatment

Omnilux treatment is a non-invasive treatment and painless treatment. It helps to rejenevate your skin and is used to treat many skin concerns such as acne and ageing.

It helps to plumps the skin by stimulating the collagen and even problems like scarring.

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